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Lawrence Gasman as a Speaker

unleashing our clients’ potential by maximising the innovation.


  • Leading authority on where AI, Quantum Computing, Immersive Technologies (VR and AR) and high-speed networking present major new business revenue opportunities and where it makes sense for organizations to deploy these disruptive technologies today
  • Has spoken at events such as AWE (augmented reality), OFC (optical networking), Inside Quantum Computing, and the Cooperative Exchange Conference (AI in the electricity industry).  Lawrence also has deep experience of speaking on technology policy from his time as a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute in DC.
  • Excels at keynote presentations, strategic briefings and “fireside chats” with C-suite executives and end users. These can be provided both in person or virtually
  • Early experience as a production manager in the printing industry and in non-profit management has taught Lawrence how real organizations work and enabled him to best understand how the new strategic technologies can be effectively used in medium-to-large enterprises

For Lawrence Gasman’s full biography see About Lawrence Gasman