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Conference Consulting

Find the ideal Subject Matter Experts for your next conference.

For more than six years, Mr. Gasman has designed and managed the content for high-tech conferences in the US and in Europe and has a created processes that he can use to create successful conferences in any technical, business field or policy.  General areas in which Mr. Gasman can provide these services include manufacturing, sustainability, computing, data communications, photonics and biotechnology, technology policy and beyond.  Of course, granular topic-focused events within these areas are a specialty of ours. For example, a creating conference on (say) “manufacturing photonics devices” or “bioprinting for the pharma industry is well within the scope of the services we offer.

Technology Conference Consulting

Mr. Gasman works with his conference clients to understand the clients’ goals and expectations for their conferences.  On the practical side, he can plan the conference itself suggesting topics panels, sessions and talks while advising both on what is achievable in terms of content and how these content goals can best be achieved.  All conferences that are content-designed by Mr. Gasman are specifically customized to the needs of the client.

Mr. Gasman will (1) recruit the speakers, moderators, and keynotes and (2) create a complete and appropriate show timing (run of the show) that reflects the needs of speakers, show management and attendees alike, and (3) write the promotional copy for the event and advise on the show marketing more generally.  He can also help train the moderators and manage the speakers on the day of the event.   

Although Mr. Gasman does not book or manage catering, AV equipment or the conference facilities themselves, he is ready to bring his experience to these aspects of conference management as well.