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expertise in AI

and immersive technology

LDG Technology Advisors provides rapid access to actionable information and subject matter experts about the latest technologies for business executives, researchers, academics, product managers, marketers, and conference organizers.

ABOUT LDG Tech Advisors

accelerating technology adoption + integration

accelerating technology adoption + integration in AI and immersive technologies Through its ever-expanding range of Gasman's Guides, market research reports, strategic consulting, on-premise talks and training, and (soon) the LDG blog, we provide business guidance in the the "deep tech" sectors that are changing both individual organizations and the world economy as a whole.   LDG Technology was founded by Lawrence Gasman who has founded technology consulting firms in telecommunications, nanotechnology and new materials, 3D printing and quantum technology (computing, cryptography, sensors, and networks). Lawrence has also organized the speaker line up for major conferences in these areas and has been covering AI, VR and AR technologies from the 1980s


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    Tap into our extensive network of contacts in "deep tech" to better understand how new technology is creating opportunities for your business, your industry and your career


    Services and Products Offered

    Gasman's Guides: Gasman's Guides to the AI and immersive technologies provide all that you need to know to succeed in a key technology including market forecasts, corporate focus and strategic analysis. Already published: Gasman's Guide to AI. More to come.

    Market Reports: Our Market Reports offer detailed analyses of profitable opportunities in AI and immersive technologies. These 100-page studies focus on key areas like "Machine Learning Markets" and "AI in the Automotive Industry," providing in-depth information and guidance on rapidly growing markets. These reports are based on interviews from LDG's extensive contacts.

    Custom Consulting: For clients seeking detailed, niche-specific analysis tied to their goals. Services include detailed evaluations of products, companies, and valuations of IP and companies using Monte Carlo methods. For example, we can analyze a specific company’s approach to AR.

    Personal Appearances: Lawrence Gasman is available to discuss AI, VR, AR, quantum technology, and related topics at conferences or training sessions. With extensive experience, he has spoken at leading conferences on networking, AR, and quantum technology.

    Conference Consulting: Lawrence Gasman has extensive experience designing and providing speakers for tech policy and deep tech conferences. He can organize one-to-three-day technology market events.

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