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Gasman's Guide to Self-Driving Automotive Industry

AI Drives Fuel Cell-Powered Cars: A Wave of the Future

Richmond, Virginia:  Hydrogen fuel cells have been around for years and recently have been much touted as an alternative to batteries in EVs.  Toyota already has a limited-distribution car that uses fuel cells. The argument is basically hydrogen is inexpensive, while the scarce materials that go into (say) a Tesla battery cost a lot of money and may be hard to get.  This is an over-simplification since the hydrogen used in fuel cells is highly processed and there are no hydrogen filling stations outside of California.

Comes now several articles that say AI may the way to make fuel cells practicality.  Here we have IBM with a partner saying that it may be able to boost the the performance of FuelCell Energy’s technology using Foundation Models. ( Then there is this from Cornell (

Conversely, there may even be a way that fuel cells can help provide the enormous power needed by AI itself (See


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