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Consulting Services Overview

Lawrence D. Gasman Consulting

With over four decades of experience in high-tech sectors, Lawrence Gasman is a preeminent expert in identifying and capitalizing on business opportunities in areas such as photonics, optical networking, smart materials, nanotechnology, 3D printing, and quantum technology. As the founder of four respected industry analyst firms, including the leading quantum computing firm, Lawrence has consistently been at the forefront of technological advancements. His extensive background also includes serving as a technology policy analyst, testifying before Congress, advising White House staff, and acting as an expert witness in significant civil trials. He is a prolific writer with four published books on the commercialization of new technologies, particularly in telecom and nanotechnology.

Speaking Engagements

Lawrence Gasman is a distinguished speaker renowned for his expertise in AI, Quantum Computing, Immersive Technologies (VR and AR), and high-speed networking. He excels in identifying major new business revenue opportunities and guiding organizations on deploying disruptive technologies effectively. Lawrence has spoken at prestigious events such as AWE (Augmented Reality), OFC (Optical Networking), Inside Quantum Computing, and the Cooperative Exchange Conference (AI in the Electricity Industry). His presentations range from keynote addresses to strategic briefings and fireside chats with C-suite executives, available both in person and virtually. As an author of numerous articles and four books, including “Gasman’s Guide to the Artificial Intelligence Industry,” Lawrence regularly contributes to the Forbes Council of Advisors on AI and related topics.

Technology Conference Consulting

With decades of experience designing and managing content for high-tech conferences in the US and Europe, Lawrence Gasman offers comprehensive conference consulting services. He specializes in a variety of fields including manufacturing, sustainability, computing, data communications, photonics, biotechnology, and technology policy. Lawrence works closely with clients to understand their goals and expectations, crafting customized conference agendas that include topics, panels, sessions, and talks that meet their specific needs. His services encompass recruiting speakers and moderators, creating detailed event schedules, writing promotional copy, advising on marketing strategies, training moderators, and managing speakers during the event. Lawrence’s tailored approach ensures that every conference is a success, delivering valuable and engaging experiences for all attendees.