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About Lawrence Gasman

Founder, LDG Tech Advisors

Lawrence has more than 40 years of experience identifying business opportunities in high-tech, notably in photonics, optical networking, smart materials, nanotechnology, 3D printing and quantum technology. He has founded four well-respected industry analyst firms; the latest is the leading firm covering quantum computing. Lawrence has also served as technology policy analyst and has testified to Congress, advised White House staff and served as an expert witness in a major civil trial. He has written widely on all these topics and his four published books focusing on commercializing of new technology (telecom and nanotechnology). 

Lawrence D. Gasman

In addition to being a speaker at many business-related conferences in the high-tech field, Lawrence has considerable experience of organizing conferences including planning the intellectual content, hiring speakers, moderators, etc., as well as designing topics for the panels and talks and structuring the entire conference to make it a stimulating experience for all attendees. During his two-year stint as telecom policy director at the Cato Institute he organized conferences on telecom regulation as well as a Silicon Valley event of the latest technology including electronics and bio technology. More recently, Lawrence has organized the Inside Quantum Technology events in the US, Canada and the Netherlands and the annual AMS 3D printing conference in New York.

Over the years Lawrence has developed his own approach to technology assessment and forecasting technology products and he is familiar with the various approaches from expert opinion methods to statistical approaches such as Monte Carlo. Meanwhile, he has applied his knowledge in many different areas in new product strategy, market surveys, pricing studies, company valuation, due diligence, etc. His clients for these services have included some of the giants of high-tech, as well as startups and research institutes/universities.

Lawrence received a Joint Honors undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of Manchester, a MSc in Logic and Scientific Method from the London School of Economics and an MBA from the London Business School. Outside of his professional work, Lawrence is an active day trader. He lives in Central Virginia with his wife Cynthia.