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LDG Tech Advisors Opens Shop: Insightful Business Publications on the Latest Technologies

Richmond, VA:   LDG Tech Advisors, a new publishing and consulting company, has opened shop with a series of GASMAN’S GUIDES highlighting the opportunities presented by the latest technologies.  GASMAN’S GUIDES are designed to bring businesspeople up to speed on how new technologies are generating new business revenues and investment opportunities.  They also show how new technologies impact how managers will run their businesses in the future.

In addition, LDG Tech Advisors offers customized market intelligence services and works with technical conference organizers to help select speakers, moderators, and panel/talk content.

Gasman’s Guides: LDG Tech Advisors’ GASMAN’S GUIDES are designed for professionals from the largest multinationals to innovative startups to venture capitalist and individual investors.  They go beyond what can be found in any standard book and are designed for business audiences, not technical ones.  In addition to an analysis of the business ramifications of the new technologies covered, each GASMAN’S GUIDE shows the latest product/technology roadmaps from the leading technology vendors and service providers.

The first GASMAN’S GUIDE is the Guide to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Industry which focuses on the business potential of AI, where the money will be made and where it will be lost.  The report was be published in October 2023 and is available for purchase.  This report begins with a discussion of major AI applications (emerging and current) in areas as diverse as Self-driving Cars, Creative and Decision-making tools (ChatGPT), Military Applications, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Electronic Games, Robotics, etc.  The GASMAN’S GUIDE to AI also includes revenue projections for each of these applications with breakouts by type of AI technology and country of use.

New Gasman’s Guides are planned for 2024. These will cover other technologies with huge business potential.  They will include Gasman’s Guides on (1) Emerging Business Opportunities in Web 3.0, (2) Self-Driving Automotive Industry, (3) Sustainable Manufacturing, and (4) Cybersecurity.  Each Guide provides a roadmap and analysis of the technology itself along with market forecasts of key growth applications and products.

Strategic Consulting and Conferences:  LDG Tech Advisors is the brainchild of Lawrence Gasman.  Lawrence has more than 40 years of experience identifying business opportunities in high-tech, notably in photonics, optical networking, smart materials, nanotechnology, 3D-printing, and quantum technology. He has founded four well-respected industry analyst firms and has served as technology policy analyst and testified to Congress, advised White House staff, and served as an expert witness in a major civil trial. He has written widely on all these topics and his four published books are focused on commercializing of new telecom technology and nanotechnology.

In the form of customized consulting, Lawrence is open to rewarding assignments in a wide variety of technologies. Over the years Lawrence has developed his own approach to technology assessment and forecasting technology products. Meanwhile, he has applied his knowledge in new product strategy, market surveys, pricing studies, company valuation, due diligence, etc.

For more than six years, Mr. Gasman has designed and managed the content at high-tech conferences in the US and in Europe and has a created processes that he can use to create successful conferences in any technical, business field or policy.  His conference related work includes planning the intellectual content, hiring speakers, moderators, etc., as well as designing topics for the panels and talks and structuring the entire conference to make it a stimulating experience for all attendees.

On a consulting basis Lawrence can plan a conference itself suggesting topics panels, sessions and talks while advising both on what is achievable in terms of content and how these content goals can best be achieved.  Lawrence can (1) recruit the speakers, moderators, and keynotes and (2) create a complete and appropriate show timing (run of the show) that reflects the needs of speakers, show management and attendees alike, and (3) write the promotional copy for the event and advise on the show marketing.

Lawrence received a Joint Honors undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of Manchester, a MSc in Logic and Scientific Method from the London School of Economics and an MBA from the London Business School. Outside of his professional work, Lawrence is an active day trader.

Media Contact:
Lawrence D. Gasman